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To enable men to use the format of their intelligence.  Men mentoring men.

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Para que los hombres a utilizar el formato de su inteligencia. Hombres tutoría hombres.


Men Join Together Conference (MJT) held its 12th Conference on Saturday, 14th March 2014, at the McCollough Public Library, in Evansville, Indiana. The theme was entitled “Men Speak Out: Changing a Negative to a Positive.” The MJT event was open to the general public and focused on a teaching forum with PowerPoint presentations.  

Men from all walks of life shared their experience and life’s challenges. Some spoke on overcoming difficult circumstances, while others acknowledged God as their main strength to move forward in life.   

There were three main volunteer speakers: Antonio Tharpe, Steven Walker, and Don Wright, who all spoke about entrepreneurship, film script writing, and the Constitution of the United States of America. 

A pleasant merit at the MJT event was the artwork displayed by Billy Twymon of West Africa, an artist and educator. Twymon is based in Evansville.   

Overall, this event was the right season for individuals who are in pursuit of their own career quest.

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Saturday, March 8, 2014


The Men Join Together 12th Conference 2014, MJT Tour will be hosted at the McCollough Public Library
5115 Washington Avenue, on Saturday, 15th March 2014, Meeting Room, Evansville IN 47715.  

The MJT Theme: Men Speaking Out! "How can you change a Negative to Positive Thinking."  The time will start at 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. This event is open to the general public.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


The Men Join Together 11th Conference, hosted its second anniversary at the Central Public Library (Downtown), Browning Rooms A&B, 200 SE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Evansville, Indiana.  The theme was “Elevation,” and open to the general public. There were five main topics for MJT volunteers speakers to choose from Elevation, Education, Entrepreneurship, Endurance, and Equality.  The event started at 2:30 p.m., and men joined together with friends in good fellowship. As individuals enjoyed refreshments, they began to settle down in an atmosphere generated with harmonious synergy. 

Reverend David J. Nixon, MJT Originator, introduced the first volunteer MJT speaker, Robert Patterson. After a brief acknowledgement of God through prayer, Patterson spoke to the audience about “Endurance.” He shared his personal testimony about the frightening hurricane storm that he had encountered that devastated his hometown in the state of Alabama.  Patterson survived the Alabama storms and shared with the audience that they too, can endure when faced with obstacles through the grace of God.

After a brief moment of prayer, Minister Earnest Johnson spoke about “Endurance.” Johnson shared a powerful testimony of the barriers that affected his life and explained how he had overcome harsh challenges he had encountered in his life. Minister Johnson told the audience that he had elevated to a spiritual level of self-endurance through the love of God, and that he continues to put him first in his life.

Donovan Phipps, founder of Donovan Phipps Productions, who brought a youth guest under his mentor leadership talked about “Education.” He shared about the positive triumphs of being educated and how a healthy education can lead to a prosperous career.

Don Wright is an independent author, and horror film producer.  Mr. Wright spoke about “Entrepreneurship.”  He argued that taking charge and using the tools of the trade, and to invest in ones self is the wave of the future. Mr. Wright’s book entitled “Fright from the Old South” is available for reading at the Central Public Library, Evansville, Indiana.  In addition, Mr. Wright received both his bachelor and master’s degree in cardiovascular technology.

Archie Carter is an entrepreneur.  He talked to the audience about forming a future for young entrepreneurs.  At a recent event that Archie Carter hosted, he did a video presentation about the “Booker T. Washington Society.” Mr. Carter expressed how Booker T. Washington believed that “Success is not measured by the position one has reached in life, rather by the obstacles overcome” (Ronald Court and BTW Society, 2010). In addition, Mr. Carter shared information about the continuation and legacy of the BTW Society, he explained how young people can empower one self.  For more detailed information about the BTW Society, visit

Patrick Odoyo is the founder of Friends of Dago (Kenyan Orphanage), and spoke about “Equality.”  Odoyo expressed the importance of uniting to support one another in communities. In addition, Mr. Odoyo spoke about HIV/AIDS prevention and the importance of educating individuals about the disease and what communities can do to help. For more detailed, visit the Kenya mission team send email request to:

The final MJT volunteer speaker at this self-empowerment event was Reverend Walter R. Brown Jr. of New Horizon Missionary Baptist Church.  Reverend Brown Jr. spoke about “Elevation,” and moving forward without leaving one another behind. To learn more about Reverend W.R. Brown Jr. Ministries, click on his Blogger site link: Reverend Brown Jr. and Patrick Odoyo both received the “MJT Humanitarian Award.” 

Other special awards given out at the MJT 2nd Anniversary event was given to EA1 Steven Walker, US Navy Retired, “The Warrior,” who is the Chairman for the Constitutional Party of Indiana (CPIN), and the chairman for the National Veterans Coalition of Indiana (NVCI).  Mr. Walker received a well-designed book entitled “The Constitution of the United States of America.” He received the “MJT Citizenship Award.”  If you would like to learn more about “The Warrior,” send him an email at:

Ken Sanners Jr., received the “MJT Fatherhood Award” and Malik received the “MJT Performing Arts Award.”  Three other MJT volunteer speakers received the “MJT Entrepreneurship Award,” Archie Carter, Donovan Phipps, and Don Wright.  William (Duke) George Jr., and Roger C. Madden, Fathers United, has been supporting participants of the MJT team ever since its early beginning in 2011. 

MJT were very honored to have them, as well as, women who support their spouses and loved ones who join together every three months.  William A. Clements Jr. received the “MJT Citizenship Award,” and suggested that if each individual would bring one new guest to future Men Join Together Conferences, it will make the difference in the lives of men.

Overall, the Men Join Together 11th Conference, MJT 2nd Anniversary celebration was awesome!  Check back often for future MJT events.  “One day, every three months, men join together, to enable men to use the format of their intelligence. Men mentoring men.”  Together, we form SYNERGY!

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Dear Friend,

There is a rumor spreading around that a new Booker T. Washington (BTW) Society of Greater Evansville is forming, and guess what?  Men Join Together Conference (MJT) supports its efforts!

Currently, MJT is not a participating member, booster, or its affiliation, however, we are excited to see the development of this new BTW Society Branch in Evansville, Indiana.  MJT looks forward to sharing their viewpoints on our blogger site. 

This story is continuing, please check back often for more detail information and update.

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